Youth Sports

The Eufaula Parks & Recreation Department offers a variety of leagues in our youth athletic programs. Each league is determined by specific ages that fall under a “control date” for that particular sport. Please reference the charts on each program’s page for specific age to league requirements.

The philosophy of our youth sport programs is to create an atmosphere of participation, fun, and sportsmanship. Our goal is to also teach skills and knowledge of the game, to all participants, regardless of a child’s level of athleticism. Adhering to this, we enforce a written participation requirement to ensure every child receives playing time.

Registration times vary depending on the sport. In an effort to notify interested parties across the community, we hand out fliers at local schools and run ads in the Eufaula Tribune and radio station. Signs are also posted throughout the community along with an announcement on the bank marquees. Please click on each sport to get a more general time frame of registration along with other information you may need.

Teams are created by a draft process. We go to great lengths to prevent “stacking” teams and encourage children in our athletic program to meet new friends while learning to play as a team. Therefore, we only allow two requests, that parents coach their child’s team and siblings that fall in the same league to play on the same team.

We appreciate our volunteer coaches and recognize the amount of time and effort it takes to coach a team. If you are interested in becoming a coach for any of our youth athletic programs, please stop by the Community Center and fill out an application or click on the link below and drop it off at your convenience. Please note that there are cutoff dates that apply for receiving applications each season.

Even though our coaches are “volunteers”, some local businesses provide incentives for your time. For further details, please contact Les Swain at 334-687-1213.  Volunteer Coach Application

The following Code of Conduct was established in 2006 as a guide to be followed by all parents, volunteers, children and spectators involved in our athletic programs. This code helps to ensure our programs offer a safe environment, a positive atmosphere for learning, and a fun program for everyone to enjoy. 

You can get to each of our sports pages by going to the 'Programs; Youth Sports' menu or clicking on the sport below:



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Flag Football

Currently Registering

2022 Youth Soccer - REGISTER HERE
Register for 2022 Youth League Soccer. 
The program is open for Boys & Girls ages 4 to 15 in six different leagues.
Beginning League: Age 4
Training League: Ages 5 to 6

Soccer I: Ages 7 to 8
Soccer II: Ages 9 to 10
Soccer III: Ages 11 to 12
Soccer IV: Ages 13 to 15

Competitive leagues where scores and league standings are kept begin in Soccer I: Ages 7 to 8.
Early registration for all ages is $40. Late registration starts August 8th at $60.
Tryouts for Soccer 1, 2, 3, & 4 will be announced at a later date.
Coaches are needed in all age groups. If someone is interested in coaching, volunteer coaching applications are available at the Eufaula Community Center or on our Home Page.
For questions contact Les Swain at 334-687-1246 or email at

2022 Adult Soccer - 2022 Fall - REGISTER HERE
Register for 2022 Adult Soccer online at or at the Eufaula Community Center.
Registration dates are August 5 to Aug 31.
Registration will likely be extended and is TBA.
For questions contact Les Swain at 334-687-1213 or email at