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Level Descriptions:
Parent / Tot3 mo. - 3 yearsParents/Guardians are in the water with their tots for this fun, water awareness class. Singing songs, blowing bubbles, learning to float, and kicking and reaching for toys are just a few skills we work on in this class
Tadpole3 - 5 yearsBEGINNER - Children that are non-swimmers and are unfamiliar with an aquatic surrounding. Students will learn beginning skills.
Crappie3 - 5 yearsINTERMEDIATE - Non-swimmers but are comfortable in the water with supervision. Students will build on beginning skills such as bubble blowing, front & back floating, and full submersion.
Trout3 - 5 yearsADVANCED - Students learn to tread water, freestyle, backstroke and learn the skills to bob and get a breath in the shallow end.
Bluegill6 - 12 yearsBEGINNER - Children who are non-swimmers & are unfamiliar with an aquatics surrounding. Students ill learn beginning skills.
Bass6 - 12 yearsINTERMEDIATE - Swimmers are comfortable in the water, but would like to learn fundamental stroke skills. Students will learn how to submerge comfortable & dive off the side of the pool's edge.
Barracuda6 - 12 yearsADVANCED - Students learn the front crawl, breaststroke, sidestroke, backstroke, elementary backstroke & diving.
Adults13 - 99 yearsBEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE - Students will learn breathing and proper stroke technique for freestyle and backstroke. Treading water will be introduced as well as elementary backstroke.